March 24, 2010

Thank You Bag.

I love the bag itself, but I love the product description even more. I wish more products had a rationale.

Thank You Bag
by Ina Weise

I’m not crazy about telling everyone not to use plastic bags. I know they can be very useful. But since I’ve been living in the US it is very hard to ignore the mass amounts of plastic bags everywhere. Everyone keeps them stuffed into one that hangs from the pantry door. They line trash bins. They carry food even if it is just a single pack of gum. They flutter from trees. They float in the breeze. They clog roadside drains. There are so many everywhere that no one really treats them as if they’re worth anything.

Give your shopping bag a little meaning, make it worth something. That’s why I made these. They are hand sewn from white bottomweight fabric and the red “thank you” screen print actually means “Thank You”. Thank you for using this bag instead of a thousand plastic bags, thank you for washing it and reusing it.

The bags are made to order and available in black also!

The Post Family Store

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Dorkys Ramos said...

Genius idea! And it's true. I have so many bags here, it's awful.

I also think it's interesting that you posted this on the day I posted a movie short about the life of a discarded plastic bag. Trust me, it's a bit more interesting than it sounds. I'm about to add a link to this post over on my blog since it'd be a perfect fit. Thanks for the share!