August 07, 2009

Best lecture hall ever.

This would have cheered me up no end during college.

Museum 1302 features customized, colorful versions of the furniture line’s 01 Chair, its seat and backrest upholstered in different hues. Against the auditorium’s spare grey walls and cement steps, Room 26 bursts as wildly as pop rocks. The chairs achieve what Studio Arne Quinze intends—“infectious creations that pull you into their self-shaped sphere and hold you captive.”

3rings :: Studio Arne Quinze’s Room 26 at Kortrijk’s Museum 1302

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Dorkys Ramos said...

I love how colorful this is! I probably would've spent more time awake in class if I studied there.

P.S. Great blog! I just had to add you to my blogroll. Hope you're having a lovely weekend!