January 25, 2009

Walking To Jericho photo prints.

I'm still constantly amazed by the cool art to be found on Etsy. These very cool prints are available in small and large formats.

Hello, my name is Fiona, I like the look of old tin prints and hand colored B&W's. While I enjoy the flexibilty of modern cameras, I still hang out with a polaroid or holga for fun.

Etsy :: WalkingToJericho :: Shake Up Your Walls


computerarte said...

Great composition!

Jenaveve said...

Tres nice!

Your blog was not updating in my Bloglines....I missed the whole month of your January posts!!

michelle said...

I think if you like these prints, you may enjoy seeing my husband's screen printed posters in his new Etsy store! The link is: www.fold4.etsy.com. We live in Milwaukee too and I have enjoyed reading your blog very much! Thank you!

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