January 09, 2009


This little online tool is completely addictive. I've miniaturized almost all of my friends, as well as nearly every place I've ever visited. Seriously. I can't stop.

BEFORE – okay, but a little boring:

(recognize this one, Martina?)

AFTER – miniature and awesome!

TiltShiftMaker - Create your tilt-shift picture

(via Chris Glass, who should be thanked or cursed for this one - I'm not sure which)


Anonymous said...

oooo i like this! :)

Mari said...

This is intriguing, it looks like a set from Mr. Rogers. Cool!

Anonymous said...

I really love this technology. Have you seen this tilt-shift video of a day at the beach?

Anonymous said...

that's amazing! it really looks like Mr. Roger's neighbourhood. teehee.

Anonymous said...

very fun. i don't think i've found quite the right pictures yet. . . but i'm working on it!