September 25, 2008

Sheep mower.

Mower is a cartoony Styrofoam robot sheep that can roam large public lawns with shears in its mouth and rangefinders in its eyes, clipping the grass and avoiding obstacles. But this is no John Deere Graze-o-matic: it's art. Its creator, Osman Khan, references a classic Philip K. Dick sci-fi story (the basis for the movie Blade Runner) to make an object that juxtaposes animal and machine. Do androids dream of electric sheep? Maybe, if they're as fun to watch as "Moe."

WIRED NextFest 2008 Exhibits

(via my pal, Czeltic Girl)


Joanna Goddard said...

how fabulous!!!

Anonymous said...

oops, i just saw now that you already posted the mowing sheep way before I did. sorry i didn't see it on yours first. :( swissmiss

bb said...

You're so funny. No problem, lady. I've missed stuff on your blog, too!