December 18, 2007

this is paris.

Last time I was in Brooklyn, I met a lovely new friend, Jolayne, who lives in Paris.

On top of the lady herself being absolutely delightful, her photography makes me dizzy, it's so rich and wonderful. So, I'm sharing. Consider it a vacation in Paris without leaving your desk.

this is paris - a photoset on Flickr

(This is all because of to swissmiss who has the best coffeemaker in the world and never fails to plunk down someone unique and wonderful in front of me as if it's the most natural thing in the world...)


The Nag said...

Thanks for this. The only thing I like better than photos of Paris is being in Paris.

Anonymous said...

Jolayne's photos are lovely. I agree.

It's always a pleasure to introduce you to new folks BB! My coffee maker loves you too.

Also, do you realize that if you'd move to Brooklyn you could call yourself BBB?