November 29, 2007

I said GOOD DAY.

I love the sentiment behind this shirt so much... Some days you just want to get all Dickensian on someone's ass.

In the classy olden days, people didn't just go around yelling at each other to "F off" or "get bent" or "cram it sideways with a fork." No, when one gentleman wanted to dismiss another in an especially withering fashion, he would tell him, "Good day." And if his conversational partner didn't take the hint or tried to press his point, the phrase would escalate: "I said GOOD DAY" Ouch!

Good Day To You Sir - Glarkware


Anonymous said...

BB, how i love the things you find on this blog!

they are going to put that phrase on my tombstone. :)

bb said...

Likewise, my friend. Likewise. One of my favorite things about having a blog is finding other blogs like yours because of it.

FYI - speaking of tombstones, I'll tell you a tiny story about one. I went to a funeral a few years ago - for my brother-in-law's mom. It was a somber, but not unexpected, occasion. As I was standing with my sister at the graveside ceremony, I looked down and saw a small tombstone. It was for an older gentleman. The tombstone had the usual - name, dates, "Beloved Father," etc. - but it took everything in me not to laugh. Carved into the top left corner, in a large sort of wavy banner, they'd carved, "Toodleooooo!" I nudged my sister, pointed at it with my head, trying not to laugh, and she looked down. Like me, she nearly burst. That goofy phrase completely made my day. And it's stuck with me ever since. If the whole gravestone tradition is still around when I kick, I'm definitely putting something funny on my gravestone...

Anonymous said...


what a great story! it's weird to connect death with humor, but always inspiring. :)