April 10, 2007

Cassette tote bag.

I'm not even a purse girl, and I want one of these.

Time to unwind and rewind with this low-tech cassette tote bag. Full-color printed flexible plastic, complete with handles that look like the tape is unraveling (didn’t you just hate it when that happened?). Casual and roomy, our Cassette Tote is the perfect way to pack your important stuff (like your leg warmers, mini skirt, and jelly shoes). What a feelin’!

FRED life

(via Smidigt, an ace blog)


Julie R said...

i love love love all of today's links!

and just saw you added eluvium to your sidebar.
what a happy moment that was!
thanks so much.

bb said...

Aww. Thanks, Julie. I love your blog, too. :)

Gammalt konto said...

Thanks for the link to Smidigt and the kind words!

Anonymous said...

I can't actually find this Cassette Tote Bag at any of the stores Fred uses to sell at. Could you point me in the right direction?

bb said...

I wish I could tell you where to get it, but I'm really not sure... Sorry!