September 27, 2005

Interesting wine trend – screw tops.

Hoping to separate their wine from the stereotypically stodgy, sommelier-approved wine culture, Virgin is marketing the wine with the tagline “Unscrew it, let’s do it”. With just two varieties (red Shiraz and white Chardonnay), the screw-top wine brand is hoping to make the wine purchasing process less intimidating to those lacking Sideways-level wine knowledge, while also offering something a few steps up from Boone’s Farm or even Charles Shaw (aka “Two Buck Chuck”). Jakes Fault is another new wine label targeting young wine drinkers with the screw tops and a Shiraz-exclusive selection. Both Virgin Vines and Jakes Fault reportedly have a price tag around 10 bucks. As the trend for domesticity continues, we expect these new labels to do well on the dinner party circuit.

- Trendcentral, 9.27.05

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