March 28, 2005

I must get myself to England post-haste.

My friend, Richie, has gone all sporty on me. Severely sporty. WILDLY sporty. I need to get over there, ply him with smokes and alcohol and begin the deprogamming immediately.

(I'm just kidding, Rich. I'm simply amazed. Kudos, man.) :: Richie

Bonus post: Below is the village website for Dymock, the idyllic village where Richie and his wife, Jules, live. It's SO sweet -- thatched roofs, duck crossing signs..and now broadband internet. Damn. All this AND daffodil teas every day from 11 - 4?? Now, THAT is civilized. (Or 'civilised,' depending upon which side of the pond you're on.)

Dymock Community Web Site :: News - Daily Daffodil Teas

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